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What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a trance state. We tend to think that a trance is something weird, magical and spiritual but we enter into a trance state many times during our week. It is more than likely you have been in a trance already today. It could be you were walking down the high street and walked past the shop you were going into. Or you were driving home from work and suddenly realised you could not remember going around a roundabout. Or, someone spoke to you and you were just not listening, your mind was somewhere else but you were fully awake and aware of everything going on around you. You must have been or you would have walked into a lamp post or crashed your car.

This trance state can be induced and this is what happens when you are hypnotised. The hypnotist will guide you into this trance through relaxation techniques, you will remain conscious at all times. There is no such thing as a hypnotised feeling. The only thing you might feel is very relaxed and at the end, when you open your eyes, you will feel very relaxed and chilled out.

You can't be hypnotised against your will, you have to allow yourself to be hypnotised, this is why it is very important that you feel comfortable with the person that is going to hypnotise you. You will be fully aware or everything going on around you all the time.

You can't be made to do anything you don't want to do. If you were told to do something that you would find unacceptable to do, you would simply snap out of the trance.

Anyone can learn to hypnotise somebody. There are no special skills or powers needed but, as with most things in life, some people are better at it than others. In fact most of us will use hypnosis at times without actually knowing we are doing so. When a child goes to a parent upset the parent will calm him or her talking softly or giving a cuddle, or maybe singing them a lullaby or even reading them a story before going to sleep. These are all forms of hypnosis. It is also possible that the parent will use autosuggestion. "Mummy kiss it better" is a classic autosuggestion and it does work.

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