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Stress Relief

Stress relief with hypnotherapy.

Stress is an automatic, instinctive, physical reaction when our body has to cope with many forms of pressure that is put on us. In a state of stress our bodies release hormones that make us more alert, stronger, give us more energy, see things more clearly, gives us more stamina, our heart beats faster and breathing becomes more rapid.

Nature gives us this very useful reaction which has so many benefits in many situations. Originally it would help by making us able to run faster to get away from predators, to put more effort in catching or foraging for food and to be stronger when we needed to fight. This was all part of the instinctive fight or flight response that helped us to survive as wild animals.

Today the stress response can be very beneficial, helping us to put more effort into what we are doing and reacting quicker to dangers. It can help us to perform better at work, to be more awake, to be more alert to negotiate with others, to have more stamina to keep going longer. It can help athletes to perform better and make us react quicker if we or a loved one is in danger.

Unfortunately, in this modern world the pressures on us are so increased and for a great deal of the time we are under such pressure and the stress response can become overwhelming. We can become so used to being stressed that we are in that highly alert state most of the time, becoming stressed at the least little thing, it can almost become a habit to be stressed. Then this has an adverse effect, making it hard to concentrate, feel tired, not sleep so well, make us irritable and lack motivation. Also being in that high state of alertness, raised heart beat, increased blood pressure and an inability to relax can be detrimental to our health.

Through the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis our subconscious mind can learn there is another way we can feel which is relaxed and calm. If we are so used to being so stressed, feeling so relaxed can feel extremely nice. With positive autosuggestions we can stop being unnecessarily stressed all the time

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