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Smoking Cessation Therapy

Quit Smoking with Hypnotherapy.

How we see smoking has changed dramatically over the last few years. There are very few people these days that would argue that smoking is not dangerous to our health. It will almost certainly make you less fit, make you ill and very possibly shorten your life. Also smoking was seen to be a social thing, in fact at one time; you were seen to be antisocial if you did not smoke. That has completely changed, now it is considered antisocial to smoke. It is now illegal to smoke in any public buildings and only about 1 in 5 people now smoke.

Almost every client will stop smoking after a hypnotherapy session but a few will go back to smoking after a month or so, a few more after 6 months or even after a year. This is despite the fact that all signs of nicotine will disappear from the bloodstream within 10 days and addiction will have disappeared a long time ago and the habit has gone, therefore, if you go back to smoking after a month or so of going without, you make a conscious decision to do so

There are many reasons why this may be, some may feel they are putting on weight, they preferred their lifestyle when smoking or they were going through a stressful time when they thought smoking might help them.

When someone comes to me to quit cigarettes or any other tobacco, the first question I will ask them is "do you really want to stop smoking?" As opposed to just thinking it is a good idea or someone else is putting pressure on them. Hypnotherapy is not mind control and cannot make you want to stop.

It is difficult to overcome the addiction to nicotine; it is very hard to stop the habit of smoking but we also have to make a very big change in our lifestyle. If we don't really want to stop there is a strong chance we will fail.

Smoking becomes a very big part of our lives and in some ways dictates our lives. A lot of our days are taken up having a cigarette, taking a break to have a smoke, having one after a meal, buying them, leaving the bar or restaurant to have one or just looking forward to one, the list goes on and on. Making all those changes in our lifestyle can be too hard unless we really want to give up.

I can help you to stop smoking, to overcome the addiction and to stop the habit, even build the motivation to start to stop but if you decide to start again I can't stop you.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss stopping smoking or book a free initial consultation.

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