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Sex Therapy.

Sexual Problems.

Most of us will experience some form of sexual problem at some time or another. It can be caused by many things, anxiety, stress, tiredness, alcohol, smoking, drugs etc. Normally after a short while the problem will disappear and things will get back to normal but sometimes the problem is a symptom of a more serious health problem. Therefore, if the problem continues your first action should be a visit to your GP for a full medical health check up, before seeking any other type of sex therapy.

Low Libido.
Erectile dysfunction.
Loss of interest in sex.
Arousal dysfunction.
Premature ejaculation.
Orgasm disorders.
Body Image.
Sexual shyness.
Sexual aversions.

If all your health checks are fine and you are not drinking or smoking excessively or abusing drugs and the problem still exists, it is more than likely that the problem is psychological. When we have difficulty with sex it can make us feel so bad inside. We can feel embarrassed, feel we have let our partner down, feel less of a man or women etc. It can make us feel so bad that we fear having the same thing happen again. We then become frightened that the next time we have sex the same thing will happen. Because we are so anxious and stressed the same thing is liable to happen and the more the problem occurs the more anxious and stressed we become.

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