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Panic Attacks.

Panic Attack disorder.

A panic attack is very frightening. It may start with just feeling a little bit anxious and the anxiety then grows to such a degree that we can get a physical reaction. It can be finding it difficult to breath, not being able to swallow, becoming paralysed, palpitations or chest pains. We then might start to think we are going to die, this then makes us more anxious and the symptoms increase.

Eventually these symptoms pass and we return to normal but unfortunately it can leave us with an enormous fear that we may have another one. This fear can do two things, it can make us so anxious that it causes us to have another panic attack and it can make us avoid situations or places where we feel we might have another one. We may also start to imagine other situations where we could have a panic attack and start avoiding them also.

It is the fear of having a panic attack that can be the worst part as it restricts and controls out lives. In fact, it is quite normal for someone to come to me believing they suffer from panic attacks but really only suffer from the fear as they have only ever had one.

Overcoming Panic Attacks with Hypnotherapy.

Using the deeply relaxed state of hypnosis we can reduce anxiety levels. Feeling less anxious will reduce the chance of a panic attack. Using positive suggestion while relaxed the subconscious can learn that we can control our anxiety levels. Through auto suggestions we can stop feeling that fear because we can believe we will not have a panic attack.

If you have any questions regarding overcoming panic attacks please contact me or you are welcome to come along for a chat over a cup of coffee. I offer a free confidential initial consultation with no obligation.

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