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Obsessive Compulsion Disorder.

Overcome OCD.

It is not unusual to be obsessive about something ie football, a tv. soap, a hobby, our cars the list is endless. It is also normal to have compulsions, some of these are instinctive ie learning, finding a mate of the opposite sex, having children and personal hygiene.

Unfortunately, some people can develop compulsions and obsessions that take over their whole life. They build rituals that in their mind must be adhered to. Maybe they must wash their hands six times or check the front door is locked twenty times because if not a terrible disaster will happen.

Common obsessions are cleaning, washing hands, checking doors are locked, taps are off, and light switches are off but these compulsive obsessions rituals can be a lot more varied. Sufferers may have routines they need to adhere to before they go to bed, eat a meal or go out etc. The obsessions can restrict them from normal life; make them feel isolated, anxious, stressed and depressed.

Overcoming Obsessive Compulsion Disorder with hypnotherapy.

Through hypnosis we can become more relaxed. With positive suggestion, while in a very relaxed state, we can start to believe it is possible to stop those rituals and with autosuggestion we can lose the need to continue the rituals.

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