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Low self-esteem

Low self-esteem therapy in Grantham.

Self esteem is what we feel about ourselves and what we believe other people think about us. If we suffer from low self esteem we will be full of self doubt and feel very inadequate and unsure of ourselves.

A suffer from low self esteem may find it hard to socialise, not achieve full potential at work and find relationships difficult. This can cause them to be very anxious, stressed and in some cases even depressed.

There are many reasons why we may lack self esteem; it could start from great expectations being put on us that we had no chance of achieving, being put down as a child, being bullied or an abusive relationship.

It can start with some small feelings of self doubt which can then restrict what we do and where we go. We then feel worse about ourselves for not being able to do the things we want to and this means we restrict what we do even more. We progressively feel worse about ourselves and the stress and anxiety grow.

how to overcome low self-esteem

Improve self esteem with hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can help us to relax, feel less stressed and anxious. It can help us to feel more positive about ourselves. As we start to feel better about ourselves we start to do things and put ourselves into situations we used to avoid. Stretching ourselves and doing new things helps us to feel even better about ourselves. In this way, our self esteem grows.

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