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Overcoming Jealousy with hypnotherapy.

Jealousy in a relationship will cause lots of arguments, both partners may become very stressed, hurt, anxious and angry.

It may appear that distrust is the cause of the sufferer being jealous but normally this is not the case. I am sure that most of us will have the odd doubt at times and possibly this is for the good. It can keep us on our toes and stop us from becoming complacent.

Jealousy is a feeling of distress and hurt that the partner is spending some time with someone else, finding someone else attractive, talking to someone, or even just looking at someone. It can even be a picture or something on a television programme that provokes the overwhelming feeling of anxiety and hurt.

These jealous emotions are likely to be the result of low self esteem and self doubt that make the suffer feel inadequate. The thought of their partner being interested in anybody else in any way at all adds to the unpleasant feelings about themselves.

Therapy can help you to overcome jealousy by enabling you to feel better about yourself and to change all those negative feelings that you have to positive ones. You can learn to be more relaxed so reducing the stress and anxiety that you feel at those times when jealous feelings normally take over.

If you have any questions about jealousy, please contact me or you are welcome to come along for a chat over a cup of coffee. I offer a free confidential initial consultation with no obligation.

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