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Self confidence

How to feel more confident

Most of us lack confidence at times, when we feel a little bit out of our depth doing something or in a place we are not used to. It can be at work, socialising, in an interview etc. Having our confidence boosted can be of benefit to all of us but for some of us low confidence can control our whole life. It may be caused by someone being over critical towards us, being bullied or being over critical of ourselves.

It can start with just one area of our life and spread to every aspect of our being. Lack of confidence can restrict us from doing certain things and is likely to make us feel negative about ourselves for avoiding the situation. This then makes us feel even less confident and we can feel uncomfortable in another aspect of our life and lose confidence there as well. In this way it can end up affecting every part of our life.

Hypnotherapy combined with good counselling can be very effective in helping us to gain confidence and feel positive in our ability to feel better and achieve our goals and what we believe we can achieve we will achieve.

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