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Overcoming Depression.

Empathic Hypnotherapy in Lincolnshire.

We all have times in our lives when we are down, upset and sad. This is normally caused by some life changing event, being made unemployed, the death of someone close, the break up of a relationship or some other traumatic experience. We are depressed, it is not pleasant but part of life and normally those feelings will fade away in a relatively short space of time.

Unfortunately for some people these attacks of depression can last for very long periods or can be revisited frequently. While having these attacks the sufferer may lose all motivation, feel tired all the time, have an overwhelming feeling of despair, not sleep well, find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning, feel everything is pointless, feel suicidal, self harm, lose their sex drive and see everything in their life as negative. At this severity, depression can devastate the person's life, making them feel that it is impossible to cope.

This can lead to self doubt, low self esteem and confidence issues. Having self doubt about one's self can make one feel depressed, causing it to be even harder to break away from the depression.

Some people have enormous mood swings from being very low, down and depressed to an elated, euphoric, heightened state where they can believe they can achieve anything. This is now called Bipolar but used to be called Manic Depression.

Hypnotherapy can be helpful in reducing and sometimes overcoming depression by helping the client to become more relaxed, to see things in a more positive way and it can help them to have less self doubt. This can make them feel more motivated and possibly start to do things they had stopped doing because they saw them as pointless.

If you have any questions about depression please contact me or you are welcome to come along for a chat over a cup of coffee. I offer a free confidential initial consultation with no obligation.

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