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About Henry Marshall.

Hello, my name is Henry Marshall D.H.C.P. and I have been practising hypnotherapy in Grantham since 1998 after qualifying in hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy and becoming a member of the Hypnotherapy Association and UK register. I combine these three therapies to help people to overcome their problems in the quickest and most effective way possible.

I help people with many different emotional problems from anxiety, stress, confidence issues, self-doubt, fears, sexual problems, depression and a whole range of problems that people want to change but for some reason something inside prevents them from changing.

Everyone that contacts me has one thing in common, they all want to take control of something in their life and therefore they are in control of therapy. It is my job to help people to make the changes they want to make, in the way they want to change them. It is not for me to try to make them change in a way that I think they should change.

I offer a free 30 minutes initial consultation when you can talk about your problem. You can ask me any questions you might have and it gives you a chance to find out if you feel comfortable with me. Being able to feel comfortable with the therapist you are with is very important.

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