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Welcome the hypnotherapy Grantham website. I have been practising hypnotherapy in Grantham since 1998 after qualifying as a hypnotherapist, counsellor and psychotherapist, also becoming a full member of the Hypnotherapy Association.

The aims of this site are to give an insight into how the above therapies can help you overcome many emotional and psychological problems

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You may have come to this site after suffering for many years, trying many things to overcome your problem. Hypnosis may seem a possible solution but also fill you with apprehension and fear of the unknown. So I have made available a free hypnotherapy MP3 on this site for you to download. This is a deeply relaxing hypnosis session lasting about 20 minutes which you can download, then put on your MP3 player or burn it to CD. You can then listen to this in private, it will give you an opportunity to experience hypnosis and see if you react to it in a positive way. It can also help you to decide if hypnotherapy Grantham is for you and if it could help solve any problems you may have.

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Help with Emotional Problems.

Emotional problems can affect our lives dramatically and most of them can be helped by hypnosis. These problems include anxiety, stress, phobia, low self-esteem, confidence, sexual problems, depression, unwanted habits and self doubt etc.

You taking control.

The object of therapy is to help you take control of those things that you feel are beyond your control. I cannot control your mind, nor can anyone else, but hypnosis can help you to take control.

The one thing that everyone that comes to see me has in common is they want to take control of something in their lives. Therefore, at all times it is the client that is in control, as it is important that I only attempt to help them to change what they want to change, in a way they want to change.

Positive suggestion.

When we suffer from any emotional problem for a long time we build up very negative feelings about overcoming that problem.

While in that very relaxed state called hypnosis it is possible to change negative feelings and attitudes into positive ones, through positive suggestion.

New thinking patterns.

If we have been suffering from emotional or psychological problems, we can find it difficult to believe we can ever change how we feel. We are then liable to build up negative thinking patterns that keep repeating over and over again. The more these thinking patterns keep repeating the more hopeless our problem seems to be, perpetuating the problem.

Good counselling and hypnotherapy can help us to believe we can overcome the problem, changing thinking patterns and giving us hope.

Overcoming long standing issues.

Unresolved issues can have a long term effect on our lives. They can be something that happened that upset us, made us frightened, gave us self doubt, lose confidence etc. We may not even be aware what the incident was, therefore the issue remains, causing any one of the conditions below.

Through understanding and good therapy we can learn what those issues are and why they affect us so badly. Understanding why we feel the way we do can sometimes be all we need to overcome the problem. We can then use hypnosis to help change how we feel, if needed.

Serenity Of deep relaxation.

There are so many pressures on us these days it becomes hard to fine serenity.Most of us live very busy lives; everything becomes so important it can be difficult to find time to relax. Sometimes we can even forget how to relax.

Hypnosis, being deep relaxation, can help us find serenity. It is common for clients to say they have never felt so relaxed at the end of a hypnotherapy session.

Improving self belief and confidence.

When we are suffering from any of the conditions listed below for a long time, we lose confidence, self belief and self esteem.

Recovery normally starts with understanding the problem through good counselling. Hypnotherapy can then help us to gain confidence, self belief and self esteem. Once we believe in ourselves we can start believing in our ability to overcome our problem. Then recovery can begin as what we believe we can achieve, we will achieve.

Soothing Anxiety and Stress.

As hypnosis is a natural, very deep state of relaxation, it is very good for relieving anxiety and stress. Most people who come and see me are anxious and stressed, even if their problem is not directly one or the other. If we find it so difficult to control how we feel that we need to seek help, we will be anxious.

If we are anxious, stressed, worried or frightened, we can't be relaxed. Fortunately the reverse is also true, if we are relaxed, we can't feel anxious, stressed, worried or frightened. Once hypnosis has taken away anxiety and stress, we can start to see our problem in a different way and recovery can begin.

Through deep relaxation and entering a trance state called hypnosis, you can feel different and very often see things in a different way. This helps you take control of your life or the things that you want to take control of.

Counselling plays a large role in therapy as fully understanding what the client's problem is and why they may have those problems. How they develop and then being able to convey this to the sufferer can be very therapeutic on its own.

Our problems are mostly caused by a normal reaction to our environment becoming out of control. Fortunately, this can be over come in most cases, with a little bit of help.

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